Finding your way?


Have you ever had a spiritual or psychic reading?…

They will give you insights into any topic or question you might have in your life as they work as a tool for guiding you and mirroring aspects inside you that you might not be so aware of. They wil help you to discover you and finding direction in your life.

I like to use tarot cards combined with my own psychic awareness and communication with spirit to bring your messages through to you on any topic you like. The sky is the limit.


My readings include:

– One card reading. Will give you insights into your present situation.

– Past, present and future. A simple 3 card tarot reading combined with my own psychic awareness and connection with spirit to bring you an accurate picture of where you are coming from, where you are now (whats going on now), and what the future holds for you.

– Life guidance readings. Where you are now and whats going on in your life including an outcome for your situation.

– Life purpose readings. Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? If so this reading will help you see possibillities and reflect back to you talents you might have and point you in the direction of your life purpose. The reading will not say “This is what you should be doing” but rather give you possibillities and potentials and ten its up to you to feel what your heart is called to do in life.

Whole person spread. Will tell you about your innermost aspects, intellectual aspects, emotional and spiritual aspects. 

– The star spread, Will give you insights into the heart of the matter, Your present, intellect, desire, emotions, what is yet to unfold and the outcome.

The horse shoe spread. Will give you information about your past, your present, future conditions, the best course of action, influences around you, obstacles in path and the outcome.

The cross spread. The past, present and futute. Will give you insights into what crosses you at the moment, meaning what influences that hinder you in your present moment. And basically an overview of life.

The healing heart spread. A wonderful reading for relationships of any kind. It is great for romantic relationships, but it is also good for getting clarity with a friend, sibling or boss.

 Career: X marks the spot. Gives insight into how happy or unhappy you are in your current job situation. Will help you to find out if you you should stay in your current job situation or if you should move on to something else. It will help you to find joy and meaning in your work life.

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