Reiki Healing

What Reiki is?

Reiki healing is an ancient healing form that originated in Japan in 1922.

Reiki is also known as chi in chinese medicine, and is in essence universal life force energy.


What Reiki can do?

Reiki works on the energetic, physical and emotional aspects of the individual to address imbalances on all levels.

On request from the healer, reiki healing flows from the universe through the healers hands, to the recipient. The healing goes where it is most needed in the body of the recipient and will

  • help you to relax
  • accelerate natural healing
  • bring clarity
  • energize you
  • calm you
  • relieve pain
  • prevent the progress of disease
  • detoxify your body
  • dissolve energy blockages
  • release physical, emotional, mental and blockages
  • help change negative conditioning & behaviour

The reiki energy flows through the meridian system and helps ease the flow of energy by removing blockages which can relieve physical, mental and emotional pain.

It helps to restore the body┬┤s natural abillity to heal itself and create balance.

Reiki healing was originally used to relieve stress but is good for virtually any condition.


How is Reiki different from other therapies?

Reiki is holistic in its approach and Works not only on the symptoms an individual experiences but on the root cause of the imbalance as well.


How do I know this is right for me?

People who have a nagging feeling that something in their life or body is out of balance or they feel like they are struggeling within themselves and their environment usually find Reiki at the perfect time for them. The fact that you landed on this website could be the sign that your body mind is ready to healing and experience growth.


What to expect during a reiki session?

You will complete a confidential client case history form that outlines the areas in your body and life that you would like the session to focus on.

This will help the practitioner monitor your progress from session to session. Once you have asked any questions you have, you will lie fully clothed on a therapy table and relax. The practictioner will set an intention for the healing based on your needs and will place their hand above your body over various parts in a sequential method. At the end of the session, you can discuss any questions you may have with the practitioner.


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