We are committed to protecting confidentiality and security of the information collected from our users. The access to your information will only be provided to the authorized personnel. We have carefully designed our processes in order to prevent the loss, disclosure, modification or deletion of your information.

We may collect information such as your first and last name, email address, phone number, identification cards, credit information (only if needed) etc. This information will not be collected without your consent and it will not be shared with anyone unless it is needed by law.

Some reasons we collect your personal information may include:

  • To verify your identity
  • To offer you the best experience possible
  • To offer you unlimited access to our website/services
  • To send you emails about our latest discounts, products, services or deals, or in order to update you about your account statistics.
  • To track your activities on our website so that we can conduct our market research. This tracking activity will not have any impact on your surfing and these activities are completely safe.


Contact Terms

Telephone: We may contact you personally if we feel there’s some issue regarding your account or even to answer your queries. We may even call you to get some feedback about the services we offer. We may also call you to get your permission to post your success story on our website.

Email: We may send you emails regularly in case you sign up for our newsletters. We promise we will never spam you. In case you do not want to receive emails, you can unsubscribe any time you want. These emails will be delivered by the company and the details will not be shared with third parties.

Changes to Our Privacy policy: The company may change these terms time to time without posting any notifications. We encourage our readers to visit our privacy policy regularly in order to get latest updates on how your information is collected and secured.


How We Collect and Use Information

  • Cookies are small text files sent by users’ computer every time they visit our website. These cookies are stored on hard drive and do not harm your computer in any way. We use cookies in order to provide customized experience for users. It allows us to keep track of the number of visitors. Furthermore, cookies allow us to save user preferences and also to keep track of the current user trends. For us, cookies are important and if your browser rejects all cookies you will not have a proper use of the website.
  • Web Beacons.“Web beacons” are often used together with cookies to personalize the website for our users. They are also used to collect a small amount of information about our visitors. Web beacons are not linked to any PII.


Disclosure of Your Information

  • Disclosure By Law.You agree that we can reveal any information you provide if it is required by law.
  • We have the right, but hold no obligation, to disclose any information or content that you submitted, if in our opinion, such information in any case violates a third party in any form of abuse. Abuse includes the following: elder and child abuse, spousal abuse, any form of neglect or domestic violence.



There are extreme security measures that will be used to protect misused or lost content in our database. These technologies are the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL), CDN and Strong Encryption. These technologies are used during your credit card transactions and the administrative accessing of our site. There are also other propriety measures that are applied. We will do our best to provide the best transmission between our servers and your computer. However, since all information is transmitted throughout the Internet we can’t guarantee a 100% secure transmission. With this in mind, we are not responsible for any misuse or disclosure.


Your rights

You have the full rights to update/modify your personal information attached to your account. You can send us an email to even hold the right to inform us not to use your information for any of our advertising or marketing purposes.

If there is any question regarding terms or privacy, please send us an email.