Jesus was a man, and not God. He was not conceived by the Holy Ghost as is taught in the Bible. The story of the Virgin Mary is not true because he was born as all humans were born.

The only difference between Jesus and other children was that he was born without sin. He was born as the first parents were born with the soul’s potentiality of receiving the Divine Love. He brought the restoration of man’s potentiality to again receive the Divine Love from God with him after the fall of the first parents.

As an adult, Jesus realized he was the Messiah and accepted his Mission; to announce to the world that God’s Divine Love again was available for the earnest and sincere seeker; and to teach to mankind how to receive it. This he did by his own living example of God’s Divine Love in his soul. He himself underwent the New Birth, his main teaching, and therefore was fit to show mankind the way to God’s Love.

He did not die on a cross to save us from our sins as his shed blood cannot bring a soul into union with God, and neither is it through a belief in his name that saves us. To merely believe in his name as our savior does not bring the Divine Love into our soul. It was through his life and teachings of the New Birth that we are saved.

Jesus also taught the moral truths but these were only secondary to his real mission, and it must be said that good moral conduct and good deeds are not enough to bring a person into at-onement with God to qualify living in God’s Kingdom, the Celestial Heavens as this does not bring God’s Love into man’s soul but only, and very importantly, helps the development of one’s natural love.

Jesus was God’s beloved son because he received His Love and became at-one with Him in His own substance and Love. He did not become God. But b ecause he received God’s Soul essence, the Divine Love, he became in the divine sense God’s son.

We are all the children of God whether we have the Divine Love in our soul or not, and God cares and loves us all equally.

Jesus was the first son of God to receive the Divine Love in his soul in abundance, and the only child of God, at that time, whose soul was developed in Divine Love.

His true teachings were not fully preserved in the Bible because of copying of manuscripts, and interpolations. There are two things that remain intact in the bible though, and that is: God is Love and that man must be born again to enter into the Kingdom of God. But the way to do that was not preserved in the bible.


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