Reiki Healing Sessions

A reiki healing session last up to 45 min. and is done in person or through distance healing.

We start out with a talk to get clear on the issues you want to deal with. And for this purpose you must fill out a confidential client case history form and a consent form (see below on this page to download them) and bring to the first meeting. For distant reiki session please fill out an email them to us before your session begins and let us know through them the issue you want to work on.

In the healing treatment itself, you will lay down on a treatment bench while being healed. If you want, gentle music can be played to help you relax.

You may feel the healing energy or you may not. Nevertheless it still works.

Usually after a session people feel energized and very good. However it can also cause you some healing reactions, usually within 24 – 48 hours after a session. This can be tiredness or things may come up simply because the healing works and brings whatever to the surface that needs to be dealt with. For this reason it is good to rest/take a nap and be gentle with your self. Also it is a good idea to drink plenty of water after a healing session because that will help flush out toxins that may be released in your body during the healing.


Consent Form and Confidential Client Case History Form

For your first session you need to fill out a consent form, consenting to your treatments. Also you need to fill out the confidential client case history form and bring to your first session.

Download – confidential client case history form
Download – consent form


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