God is a Soul Being made up of Divine Love, which is His greatest attribute and Souls essence. He does not have a form like us humans do, or even a spirit-body but He is of the Divine essence, and is a divine personality of Love, Mercy, Mind, Power, Wisdom, Beauty etc.

God is one and alone; there is no trinity, which is a myth.

God is the only one who is divine. Man is not, and is only a creature of God created in natural love; with the possibility of becoming divine through the inflowing of Divine Love into the soul through prayer. Therefore, God is not inside man as many people believe, as the created is only a creature of the creator.

The Creator is a separate and distinct personality from the creature which contains attributes of the Creator but not the Creator itself. An analogy would be: a painter who paints a picture is not found within the picture, but only certain attributes and characteristics may be found there. By now after finishing the picture, the painter may sit and enjoy looking at the picture. The same is true for God. He is not inside man but outside man.

As the creature contains attributes of God like love, kindness, goodness, honesty, etc., so God also has His attributes. Love (Divine Love) is the highest attribute He has. And He also has His Spirit which is an emanation from His Great Soul. It is His Soul’s active energy. Part of this Spirit is the Holy Spirit, the instrument He uses to bring the Divine Love into the soul of man.

God has His location in the highest Heavens, from where His Divine Love flows.


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