Diseases like Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes, Intestinal problems like IBS, and many more are NOT really diseases. But rather, they are symptoms of underlying causes that cause these symptoms.

So if you want to cure yourself of these things you must address the underlying causes and not just treat the symptom like in for example todays diabetes treatment where only the high blood sugar, the symptom is treated.

Unfortunately many doctors are not trained to address these underlying causes because they are to be found in the organism and most doctors do not have a view of the whole person, but are only trained to pre-scribe medication which does help in ex. diabetes care to lower the blood sugar but unfortunately do not treat the underlying cause.

So diabetes patients taking medications and having good blood sugar are unfortunately still very ill because they still have an underlying cause that remain unaddressed. Unfortunately it is like this with most “diseases”, they are actually only symptoms of an underlying cause that must be addressed to cure the symptom. It doesn´t make sense to only treat the symptom even though short term it might help and that can be important if for example you have very high blood sugar, am medicament is needed to bring the sugar down and then it is the underlyhing cause that needs to be addressed.

So to get healthy from any “disease” it is about finding out what the underlying cause of that disease is and treat that.

If you for example are overweight and have diabetes, a positive step in the right direction is to begin to eat in a way that gets your body healthy. And in this case focussing on loosing weight is not the solution but to instead focus on getting the body healthy through proper nutrition will naturally help you to slim down and automatically help you to loose that overweight because a healthy body will naturally slim down.

So the real solution to illness is to focus on getting your body healthy, and not focussing on the weightloss, medications for high blood sugar etc. Not focussimng on the symptoms but on getting your body healthy through proper nutrition that will support your Health and cure the symptoms.