Divine Love Introduction

Divine Love was given by God to mankind a long time ago – many thousands of years ago, when the first human parents were created. It was given as a FREE gift for everyone to partake of.

In the Old Testament, we are told that Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden by eating of the forbidden fruit of the tree of good and evil. In reality, there was no tree of good and evil, and there was no serpent or devil either, and neither did the Garden of Eden exist. This is a story that is symbolic of the first parents’ sinning where they lost their innocence and fell from their pure created state.

The first parent’s real names were Aman and Amon, and their actual sinning was their vanity and desire to be independent from God, meaning they didn’t want to follow His rules in receiving His gift of the Divine Love. They arrogantly thought they were as all wise as God is, and they didn’t need Him to receive it. They believed they could receive it themselves by their own will without following His laws.

This, in essence, is the first sin of mankind; the disobedience of God, which lead to the separation from God.

Divine Love is a real Love that can be experienced, and has nothing to do with the love inside man. It is an entirely different thing.

Divine Love is not generally known in our world, as it is the love that passeth all understanding. It cannot be understood by the mind. It cannot be known by the mind but only through the soul through actual experience.

The only way one can experience Divine Love is through asking/praying to God for it in faith and sincerity. This makes the Love flow into one’s soul.

When Divine Love comes into ones’s soul, one may feel a burning sensation in one’s heart. Or one may feel it like ”cool waters” entering one’ soul; a soft and soothing experience where one feels bathed in the Love. Others experience it by feeling warm all over. There is no definite way to experience it, as we all are unique people with unique perceptions and awareness. In all cases, the love refreshes you, and one feels really good.

When Divine Love flows into your soul it cannot ever leave you. However, you may lose awareness of it after a while, where after you would need to pray again to receive more.

It is a Gift that needs to be continually asked/prayed for to fill up our souls and partake of the divine essence.

It is an addition to natural love, to become at-one with God and partake of His nature and essence whilst living a natural life on earth.

Sadly, this gift of the Divine Love was lost to mankind by the first parents’ disobedience because God simply withdrew the souls potentiality to receive this gift after the forfeited it.  And Jesus came into the world to announce the rebestowal of the Divine Love to mankind, and to teach mankind, by his own example, how to receive it. This was his main mission.

He did not die on a cross to save us from our sins as taught by Christianity and believed by the majority of people, and no belief in his name will save us. Only the Divine Love in the human soul can do that.

In the early 1900’s, from 1914–1923, Jesus and other high Celestial spirits communicated his teachings to mankind again through the automatic writing mediumship of Mr. James E. Padgett, a lawyer from Washington, D.C. These writings are known as the Padgett Messages.

Divine Love is still available to everyone, and you too can receive it if you want.


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